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Organic Growth Hack: Recurring Collaborations with Niche Podcasts with Aakshi Sinha of Tink Media
Organic Growth Hack: Recurring Collaborations with Niche Podcasts with Aakshi Sinha of Tink Media
This episode will inspire you to work smarter, not harder
Podcast Bestie branded graphic ft. photo of Aakshi Sinha: Organic Growth Hack: Recurring Collaborations with Niche Podcasts with Aakshi Sinha of Tink Media

Hey Besties! This episode is such a treat because I had the chance to chat with Aakshi Sinha, a Podcast Marketing Specialist from Tink Media, all the way from India. Connecting with people around the world is one of the many reasons I love podcasting!

Prepare to be inspired as we delve into Aakshi's podcasting origin story — exploring her gateway podcast, her desire to be a part of the podcasting community, and how she landed her job in the podcast industry. She also shares her love for creating curated playlists (Podcast Bestie playlist to come soon!), along with expert advice from her time at Tink, especially the importance of finding joy in podcast marketing for long-term sustainability and how to set up effective podcast collaborations, including promo swaps, guest swaps, and feed swaps.

Aakshi highlights the value of collaborating with smaller shows that have a niche audience, rather than solely focusing on larger shows with higher numbers. And I preach my cardinal rule for indie podcasters trying to engineer organic growth: recurring collaborations. Plus, the likely necessity of making strategic investments to propel podcast growth before achieving meaningful monetization.

So grab your headphones, Besties, and treat yourself to this fun and informative podcasting pep talk!

  • Connect with Aakshi @aaklovesaudio on Twitter.

Here’s a link to the TRANSCRIPT.

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