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Growing Queens Podcast to 100K Downloads Per Month & a Thriving Patreon Community with Katy Hearne-Church

Growing Queens Podcast to 100K Downloads Per Month & a Thriving Patreon Community with Katy Hearne-Church

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Hello Besties! I'm thrilled to share today's episode because it's chock-full of practical takeaways from a popular history podcaster. Katy Hearne-Church created Queens Podcast and recruited her bestie to co-host in 2017 — now the show gets 100K downloads a month and has a thriving Patreon community. In this episode, Katy shares how they nurture their community of diehard listeners on Patreon, the power of promo swaps and polling your audience, and her research and editing process. We also discuss the importance of being obsessed with your topic, setting up a sustainable production and release schedule, and her experience with paid advertising on Instagram. There is so much to learn from this history girlie!

Here’s a link to the TRANSCRIPT.

Watch the video version of Katy’s interview on YouTube.

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Do YOU have a Patreon for your show? If so, what’s your best tip for nurturing your membership community?

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