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How to Go Pro & Get Started as a Freelance Podcast Producer with Pod the North's Kattie Laur

How to Go Pro & Get Started as a Freelance Podcast Producer with Pod the North's Kattie Laur

This episode will help you break into the podcast industry & avoid the common pitfall of burnout
Podcast Bestie graphic for episode 8 with image of Kattie Laur: How to Go Pro & Get Started as a Freelance Podcast Producer with Pod the North's Kattie Laur

Hi Besties! Whether you're trying to get your indie show off the ground, break into freelancing, or recover from burnout, this episode has something for folks at every stage of their audio journey. Our guest is Kattie Laur, a public radio enthusiast who turned her passion for audio storytelling into a career as a freelance podcast producer.

As co-creator of the responsible travel podcast Alpaca My Bags, Kattie and host Erin Hynes help you travel in a better way, so we can avoid “blowing up the planet” — a worthy goal, indeed. After studying radio and completing a CBC internship, Kattie has also managed gain a professional foothold in the industry and share her ever-evolving audio expertise with numerous podcasting clients. Besides producing podcasts, Kattie also writes the Pod the North newsletter, providing valuable conversations and community for Canadian podcasters.

Here’s a link to the TRANSCRIPT.

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Are you a Bestie currently trying to go pro? Put your intention out there! Just yesterday I hired an assistant who I’d seen post about his desire for a podcasting job.

For those who are already audio professionals, how long did it take you to land your first job in podcasting? Any tips for breaking into the industry?

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