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Why Your Podcast Needs a Newsletter & Substack for Podcasters

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Why Your Podcast Needs a Newsletter & Substack for Podcasters

My Podcast Movement Evolutions speech & slides

Hey Besties!

I have a special treat for you: the speech I gave last week at Podcast Movement Evolutions all about companion newsletters. I’m sharing it with y’all because it highlights so many great strategies that you can incorporate into your shows.

It was presented with a slideshow. Below the paywall is a link to those slides so you can have the full experience.

This is the first episode exclusively for paid subscribers of Podcast Bestie. In addition to my advertising experiments, I’m aiming to offer paid Besties more behind-the-scenes content about how I’m strategizing, monetizing, and opportunities I see for indie podcasters. Let me know if you like it.

Thank you so much to Avery Trufelman,

, Carolyn Kiel, , , Jamie Fenderson, , , , Whitney Knox Lee, and for generously contributing your experience and insights.

Psst… If you’re not yet a paid Bestie and you’re just seeing this preview, now would be a great time to upgrade. You’ll get access to this recording and slides, plus I’m running a 20 percent off special this week.

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Podcast Bestie
Companion Newsletters
Why your podcast needs a newsletter and Substack for podcasters
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